The Art of Clay Pot Cooking

Clay pot cooking is a very hot trend right now. But, don’t let that fool you; clay pot cooking has been around for many years. Clay pot cooking is traditional in many different regions of the world.

Clay Pot CookingClay pot cooking creates exceptionally tender and moist food. To use the clay pot, you first soak the pot for 15-30 minutes in water so that it absorbs moisture. Then fill the pot with food and place it in the oven. The wet pot walls release steam during the cooking process, which is why the food stays so moist. The walls of the pot diffuse the heat, so that the food is cooked slowly.

It is important to never allow the pot to completely dry out, or the food will be burned, and the pot may be ruined, as well.

Great For Dieters

One of the benefits to cooking in a clay pot is that no oil or fat is required in order to keep the food moist and flavorful. So, clay pot cooking is the perfect choice for those who are watching their weight or trying to reduce the fat in their diets.

Traditional Clay Pots

Clay pots have been used throughout the world to create signature dishes. If you’d like to try some of your favorite regional cuisines, take a few minutes to learn about the following great clay pots that come from different countries:

  • Kho – In Vietnam, traditional stews are made in a clay pot called a Kho.
  • Clay Pot Cooking With A RomertopfGermany – The clay pot used in Germany is called a Römertopf. It is used for roasting many different kinds of meats.
  • Sri Lanka – In Sri Lanka, the clay pot is used primarily to make just a few foods. One of the most popular is chutney called accharu, and another is fish curry.
  • India – In India, the clay pot, called the Chatti, is primarily used for making spicy hot fish curry.

Trying Out Clay Pot Cooking At Home

Clay pots can be used like traditional roasters for chickens, turkeys and other meats, without requiring any special recipe. Prepare your meat as you normally would, substituting the clay pot for your regular cookware. You’ll likely find that your regular recipe for pot roast or roasted chicken turns out better than ever.

If you’re keen on giving clay pot cooking a try, when buying your new clay pot, be sure to use one especially designed for this purpose. The pot should be unglazed so that it will properly absorb the water, and should be used only for cooking.

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