Cooking With Beer

Cooking with wine is very common. But, did you know that there are many recipes that can also benefit from the addition of beer? That’s right, if you aren’t accustomed to cooking with beer, you really should add this frosty beverage to your seasoning repertoire.

Just like with wine, when cooking with beer, the alcohol dissipates, leaving only the flavor of the beer behind. And, since beers come in a wide variety of flavor nuances, there are many different foods that improve with its influence.

Cooking With BeerThere are three primary ways to use beer in cooking. It makes a great marinade for meat. It tenderizes beautifully, and leaves a wonderful flavor behind. Beer is also great as a liquid for basting meats during baking, roasting or broiling. It will help keep the meat from drying out and will help improve the flavor. It also adds great flavor when simmered in soups and stews.

Finally, beer can be used as the liquid in baked goods like breads, biscuits and even pancakes. Beer gives baked goods an exceptional lightness.

Cooking With Beer – Choosing The Right Beer

There are so many different beers on the market, it can be difficult to choose one to use for cooking. The first rule, however, of cooking with beer is that you like the beer. When the alcohol cooks away, the flavor of the beer is left in the food. If you use a beer you don’t like, it’s likely you won’t like it in the food either.

Lighter beers can be used in a wide variety of foods, including chili, beef stew and pork roast. Darker beers and stouts should be used for heavier foods, like marinating steaks or cooking game meat, such as venison.

Choosing Beer For CookingIt is important to remember that the flavors of the beer will concentrate as the food cooks. Therefore, you would want a sweeter beer for gravy or other food that was to be reduced drastically, while you could use a stronger beer in a soup or stew, because more of the liquid will remain. When “hoppy” beers are reduced too much, they can leave a bitter taste to the food.

Experiment to Your Heart’s Content

Feel free to experiment to your heart’s content. When it comes to cooking with beer, the only really important rule is that you like the taste. You’ll find there are many ways to add unique flavors to your favorite foods with beer.

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